We use the Here We Stand confirmation curriculum from Augsburg Fortress. Confirmation is held in conjunction with our Wednesday evening LOGOS program, for students in Grades 6-9. Youth are typically confirmed during the spring of their 9thgrade year in high school.

General Schedule

Typically we meet at 4:00 pm on Wednesdays and start with an activity like a game or craft. At 4:30 we have a student led Mini-Worship until about 4:45. From there until 5:10 we all meet for a large group teaching. At 5:10 we break up into smaller Mentor Groups. In the Mentor Groups we talk about all kinds of things. Sometimes the large group teaching is reinforced and sometimes the mentors have other plans. This time is always fun and builds relationship between students and an adult Christian. We call these people AAA Christians because they are AUTHENTIC in the faith, AVAILABLE to others in service, and AFFIRMING of the gifts of life given by God. At 5:55 we sit down as a family and have dinner. Table Parents, some more AAA Christians, are there to get to know the young people and be another adult who becomes important to our LOGOS group. At 6:30 we clean up the Fellowship Hall and then have some sort of outrageous game until 7:00 when we close with the Lord’s Prayer.

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